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Electronic totalizer has adopted embedded system chip, membrane-protected keypad,solid-state electronic switch, real-time intelligent calculation and userfriendly interface. The totalizer features stable performance,accurate metering,good anti-electromagnetism and allowance for broad voltage variance.The totalizer is easy to operate without consulting handbook. The totalizer has been salable the most reliable component of fuel dispensers since it was launched into global market five years ago.
If need the configuration of printer please add postfix "P" advisement driver, postfix "L" adapter, "R" Take S20-G/P/L/R for example, it contains printer, ad driver and adapter.
- Setting unit price
- Presetting the sale or volume
- Rounding sales figures during filling from keypad
- Check last 10 times sales records
- Check accumalative shifts and totals,totals is up to 99999999.99
- Clearance of the shift accumulation
- Display last cast when power is off
- Extensive anti-interference performance
- High lightningproof
- Integrated construe easy to installation;
- Function-mode:all models of fuel dispenser access to same components
- Built-in printer interface
- Built-in communicating mode: available to connect with managerial system of IFSF International standard or Hongyang communication protocol, so that realize concentrative management among fuel dispensers and save cost
- Customer self-conducted program upgrading
- Support function to diagnose failure of memory, sensor and solenoid valve
Technical Specifications :
- Power:220V+30% or 380V+30%
- Temperature:-40 C to 55 C
- 6 digits volume,6 digits sale,4 digits price (8 digits volume,8 digits sale,6 digits for option)
- Allow for connection to PC and allowed to connect with computer
- Link to micro-printer available
- Keep the total records available over 10 years in case of power-off
- CE listed, Anti-explosion Mark:EXibIIAT4,Anti-explosion license:CE01207
- Big LCD screen and bright backlight,1.2''LCD (1.7''LCD for option)
- Electronic totals: 99999999.99 mechanical totals:9999999
- Interface wiring pulse output wiring