Smart console

CBX Smart console for Automatic tank gauges

Whenever you need accurate inventory, delivery & sales data, all are here!

CBX Smart console is a classic console in Windbell's Automatic tank gauges family consoles. It offers a multi-functional operation platform on colorful touch display, has open communication protocol easy to intefrate with any fuel management system. High-accuracy and strong data process ability, greatly improving management efficient and save costs! The reliable performance have reputations by thousands station owners.


-    Automatically Measure product level; water level and product temperature in real time. Take the average
       temperature from 5 sensors. All the changes inside tanks  are monitored and recorded by console automatically, 
       without any personnel interference.

-    Scientific Manage the product volume in every tanks, time, date when shift duty; record delivery information 
       including date, time, tank number, product type, loading volume, the volume and height before loading, the volume
       and height after loading; record product inventory, all the  records can generate reports automatically, you can 
       print all the reports you need

-    Security monitor the product level in real time can help you avoid high (maybe over fill) or low product level
       (empty tank will never happen); Remind you remove water from tank if too much water in tank, monitoring and 
       warning system can protect your tanks, support programmable Leak Detection on 0.38 Liter/Hour or 0.76 
       Liter/Hour static or dynamic status.

-    Data sharing system will automatically transfer data to other information systems, to extend management function.

-    Opeation language options have English, Espanol, Portugues, Cambodian, more and mor ein future. this 
       local operating language could satisfy the managemend demand by different site owners, and improve 
       site management.

 System Features
-    International graphic touch screen and user-friendly icons, one touch see all, easy to use
-    Meet weight and measure standards in various countries, mm or inch, liter or gallon
-    Real time monitoring product level, volume and temperature inside tank
-    Automatic creates delivery report, inventory report and alarm report, without personnel interference, 
       greatly avoid product abnormal loss.
-    Automatic alarm for any abnormal status of tanks
-    Shift duty function and shift report help user manage station’s daily operation more easily and clearly.
-    Language optional, support English, Espanol, Portugues, Cambodian at present, more and more in future
-    Support import & export data, support Tank volume table import, very convenient for console configuration
-    Reports can be printed on external printer without any software, directly by Printer port.
-    Administrator password, authorization different for safe manage
-    Programmable automatic leak detection can be set to perform routine required leak tests.
-    Monitor up to 12 probes (tanks). Standard configuration is 6 probes.
-    Compatible with PC Remote software for enhanced management and monitoring on site computer

System Reports
-    Delivery report
-    Inventory report
-    Alarm report
-    Shift report
-    Leak test report
-    Reports can be printed by external printer which connects with SS160 or with PC Remote software

System Alarms
-    High-High product ( overfill)
-    High product ( warning)
-    Low product ( reorder)
-    Low-Low product ( Shutdown)
-    High water ( Remove)
-    High temperature ( Warning)
-    Low temperature ( Warning)
-    Leak detection

Technical Parameters
> Power: AC220V +/- 10%, AC110V +/- 10%, 50/60Hz, 0.2A
> Relay output: 2 groups. node capacity AC250V/3A. DC30V/3A
> Intrinsically safety barrier: GSB03
> Explosion proof grade: [Exia] II A
> 2 RS232 port connects to external printer, computer
> RS485 port communicates with probe
> Working temperature: -20 to 60 centigrade
> Display resolution: 640x480
> Display size: 8’’
> Dimension: 300x230x145mm (L x W x H)
> Weight: 9kgs
> External submersible pump ICP Box (Intelligent Control Pump Box) SS160-EM02

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