Van điện tử tatsuno

van điện tử 2 cấp tatsuno dành cho cột bơm xăng dầu
Item Parameter Item Parameter
Medium Petrol,diesel,kerosene etc Ration 5L

Preact 0.5L

Ambient Temperature


Displayed Value when main Valve Closed

Medium Temperature


Voltage Input

AC220V 50/60HZ,AC110V 50/60HZ
DC12V,DC24V etc.
Pressure Range


Voltage deviation -10%~+15%
Lead Length 1.5m(standard) Relative humidity ≤95%

Flow DN20(3/4”)

>40L/min(Big Flow) 3~4.5L/min(Small Flow) Insulating Strength ≥20MΩ
Working Mode 100% Power 2x5.5W
Anti-Explosion Mark Ex mb II T3 Coil Class H
Material of valve body and valve cover Copper or Aluminum Alloy Life cycle Under nomal working condition, the continuous cycle time is above 800,000